The Roller Mills String Band can be heard on Roller Mills String Band Live: String Band Music on Steroids and on Dulcimer Crimes.

String Band Music on Steroids are live recordings of the band.  Most of the cd was recorded in 2009 at the Windover Center for the Arts by Tom Martin-Erickson for Wisconsin Public Radio’s Simply Folk program.

Dulcimer Crimes is a release by band member Dale Palecek.  The Roller Mills String Band is featured on 7 of the 13 cuts on the project.  Dale Palecek & Friends, as well as the Squirrels (formerly known as the Music Police) are also heard on the recording.

Some of the places we have received airplay include:  CKWR-FM Bluegrass Express Ontario, Canada, KBBN-FM, Minneapolis,  WBKV-AM  West Bend, WI, WCHG-FM, Hot Springs, VA.  WTKM, Hartford, WI.   WVLS-FM Monterey, VA.  WVMR-AM, Dunmore, WV.  The Bluegrass Review, a nationally syndicated program hosted by Phil Nusbaum.  Dulcimer Radio, an internet radio station dedicated to playing dulcimer music.