Squirrel’s Nest Live

In addition to playing hammered dulcimer with the Roller Mills String Band, Dale Palecek also performs on hammered dulcimer and mandolin with The Squirrels’ Nest Live!

The Squirrels’ Nest came together in July of 2010 at the world’s largest gathering of hammered dulcimer players, the ODPC FunFest in Evart, Michigan. Anyone who attends the festival knows that the Squirrels’ Nest is a special place where everyone is welcome… where silliness is not only allowed, but encouraged… a place where good friends gather, and new friends are made… and a place where hammers fly and traditional music rocks!

Now, the Squirrels are out of the nest, with the 2012 release of our cd, SQUIRRELS’ NEST LIVE and the follow up cd BACK TO THE NEST is currently in production. The Squirrels have preformed for the last 3 years on the grandstand stage at Evart, and in 2014, we were invited to preform Take Me Out To the Ballgame on top of the dugout at a Grand Rapids Whitecaps Baseball game. Recently, we also preformed on Stage 5 at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas. Now, the Squirrels our expanding our range, booking jobs in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana. For more information on The Squirrels and Squirrels’ Nest Live!, visit www.squirrelsnestlive.com

BACK TO THE NEST- The new Squirrels Nest Live cd that was recorded this past July at Evart is now available!

April 18, 2015

The Squirrels’ Nest Live Ensemble will be performing at the Badgerland Bluegrass Music Association’s spring festival.

The Big Thaw Unitarian Church North, Mequon, Wisconsin. Stage time is 6pm

June 6-7, 2015

Come see the Squirrels’ Nest Live Ensemble at the Gebhard Woods Dulcimer Festival. The festival will be held in 2015 at Goold Park in Morris, Il. Workshop schedule and stage show times have not yet been released.

July 16-19

Come out anytime during the festival to the Squirrels’ Nest and be ready for a great time. The Squirrels’ Nest Live Ensemble has been invited back to be a part of the main stage show on the grandstand. Many of our members will also be doing workshops. Workshop and stage show schedule has not yet been released.